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Here to help.


We want to work with you to make something amazing.  We’re not looking for clients, we’re looking to build strong relationships with trustworthy organizations who want to grow.  We work to connect organizations to the digital tools and the people they need to move forward.


Digital and social advances outpace organization learning day after day.  We seek to bring context and clarity in this rapidly changing environment and we teach organizations how to think, work, and minister digitally.


Your ministry tells a story.  We focus on the story you want everyone to remember and create an experience to share it.


What We Do


We’ve spent the past 12 years in full-time ministry in a variety of ministry contexts from mega-church to small church and we have a heart to pastor and shepherd leaders. We believe that the best coaching facilitates a shared experience where participants can speak into each other’s journeys. That’s where the magic is.

Community Management

As new social networks and community hubs emerge, we aim to maximize our partners’ influence. We identify opportunities to pursue and execute meaningful strategies to engage users and keep them coming back.

Content Development 

Are you looking to connect with your audience, turning your website into a powerful platform for ideas, and a robust resource for your clients and customers?  V3NN has been working with large and small organizations to curate and create content for websites and blogs.


Having spent over ten years in children’s and family ministry, the team at V3NN has invested in the creation of multiple books, curricula, and family ministry resources.  From curriculum design to lesson writing, we’re here to help.

Blog Review Campaign 

What better way to promote your new ministry resource, product, book, or film than by inviting people in your target market to share your story with their followers?  We gather industry-leading bloggers to promote and review your product and provide you with key insights throughout the campaign.

Social Media Campaign

What better way to connect with your customers than by utilizing the fastest growing social networks in the world? As more and more of the world’s most famous brands are finding out, the possibilities of email marketing, apps on Facebook and social campaigns on Twitter, among others, are endless. Whether you need to analyze your current social media efforts, augment your online presence with simple functionality, or frame your company’s social identity, we can help.