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V3NN is about overlapping passions.

A passion for storytelling.  Is there anything better than a story, well told?  From years of telling stories through presentations, classroom teaching, conferences, in auditoriums and our kid’s bedrooms we’ve found that story is foundational to our lives, our careers, our families, and organizations.  We love to share stories.

A passion for ministry.  In not for profits, churches, and parachurch ministries all over the world, the hope Jesus provides is proclaimed.  Having served the church for over 10 years, we’ve developed a great love for the church.  We’re here to empower and resource ministry in the digital age.

A passion for family.  Family is a God-given gift that we want to resource and support.  From the projects we tackle, to the relationships we build with our partners, to the team we work with, V3NN is a family thing.

A passion for social networking.  The world has changed and we’re witnessing the effects of world-wide, real-time interaction, collaboration, and innovation through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and multiple other social media platforms.  We love them all (even though we have a favorite).

A passion for digital.  After countless innovations we’ve seen stories unfold from paper to e-ink, binding to blogs, spine to smartphone.  At V3NN, we uniquely understand the digital world and work to discover and experiment with the opportunities it affords.

A passion for serving.  It’s simple, we’re here to help you tell your story, educate your audience, and strengthen the family.